Do you all know how to invest money in the stock market the right way? Isn't it tricky? Do you need any help in investing money? I am pretty sure a lot of us need some help or the other in that domain. Well here is the good news!!!!!

Samhita is proud to present the achievement of yet another wiz-kid Niharika Sharma (Rini) daughter of Vivek and Malini Sharma who demonstrated her investment savvy and won first place in the country among middle school students in the SIFMA Foundations Fall 2016 InvestWrite competition. InvestWrite is the finishing activity for 600,000 students in grade 4-12 across the country who competes every year in the SIFMA foundation stock market game. Melanie Mortimer, president of the SIFMA foundation told "I'm so thrilled because Niharika is such a unique young lady. She is very very quiet. Underneath she has such wisdom and knowledge and power." Melanie also mentioned "Niharika's work has been vetted at the academic level. It's also being vetted at the industry level by people who do this for a business. It's phenomenal for a student to come out top in the nation after going through that process".

As a part of this prestigious award she visited the floor of the NYSE and attend the opening bell ceremony at NASDAQ in Times Square in the Fall of 2017. (We apologize for the delay in this relay, but will keep up henceforth)

Let us all join hands in congratulating our little ones and making their parents proud.

Please follow the link below for the whole article which was published in the Arizona Economic Council Website:-


Diya Nath

The Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) is the state fair for Arizona. Managed by Arizona Science Center, AzSEF brings together first-place winners from school, homeschool, district, county and regional science fairs across Arizona to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes and scholarships. Samhita is proud to announce Diya Nath daughter of Diganta and Rachna Nath, won the first prize at Arizona Science and Engineering Fair ( AZSEF, 2018) in the Animal Sciences category last March. She also got Nominated to join the BROADCOM MASTERS, which is a national level science competition for middle schoolers. She is among the top 10% of Science students in the US to be nominated to this national level competition. Rachna Nath the lead of the Samhita Puja Group says "It's all Ma Durga's grace and love and affection of our friends and well wishers." Please join us in congratulating this wonderful feat by yet another Samhita wiz kids and making not only their parents but all of us proud.

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What do you think about Samhita's Kids???
Wicked -- Yes!!!!
Smart --- Yeahhhh!!!!
What a wonderful achievement by the kids of our Samhita Family!!! Eashani Ghosh, our "wicked smaht" Chandler fifth grader from Knox Gifted Academy made her parents Arnab and Swati Ghosh proud when she appeared on Neil Patrick Harris-hosted program "Genius Junior" and demonstrated her skills in geography, spelling and math.

Swati mentioned "To think of it that it all started with a phone call to my cell from a talent agent almost an year and half ago that I initially thought was a crank call is beyond amazing. Eashani was among 36 chosen from hudreds of kids auditioned originally to compete on National TV with Neil Patrick Harris as the host is something we never dreamed about."

Her dad, Arnab Ghosh, said "I'm very proud of her and I knew she has a very good head for math. She's a gifted student and she did this to prove it to herself and not the rest of the world."
Our heartiest congratulations to our Wicked Smaht Eashani. This is just the beginning and may GOD bless you with even more achievements like this.

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Samhita is proud to present Jyotishman Nath son of Dignata and Rachna Nath for the upcoming concert on June 2nd 2018 in Arcosanti Outdoor Amphitheater where he will be playing the Rabab and share the stage with Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya "India's Global Music Ambassador" and Ayan Banerjee the Tabla Player. Jyotishman has been learning the Rabab for the last two years under the guidance of Guru Qais Essar. Rabab is a traditional Afghan Instrument and is the predecessor of the SAROD in India. Jyotishman is also lucky to also learn from Pandit Tarun Bhattacharyya, a world-renowned Santoor player from India.

Please join us in congratulating Jyotishman and his parents for this wonderful feat at such a young age. Details of the Event and Tickets can be found in the link below:-